Top 10 Gorgeous Turkish Women of 2018 (No 6 has gorgeous hair)

By | February 19, 2018

Turkey is a land of beautiful people, culture, and weather. You can feel Middle Eastern and European culture in Turkey. Moreover, Turkish women are considered as very beautiful in the world.

Beautiful Turkish Women

The world used to think that Turkish people are very conservative but the scenario has changed now, and people are adopting western culture. Apart from that Turkey is blessed with a beautiful woman. We have selected ten names after hours of brainstorming. It might be possible that we forgot some name as it is difficult to choose one over other. You can leave a name in comments; we will defiantly add that name to our list.

10) Tuba Büyüküstün

Brown eyes and black hair make Tuba one of the most beautiful woman in the turkey. Do you believe if I say, she is the mother of two kids? You cannot think it right. She is fantastic human being and best actress. She also got nominated for Best actress for International Emmy Awards.
tuba buyukustun

9) Hazal Kaya

Hazal is an award-winning actress of Turkey.  You can find her list of awards if you visit her Wikipedia Page. Kaya is currently highest paid actress in the film industry. If we talk about the looks, then kaya has a cute innocent face and tempting eyes which is a killer combination. She has similar eyes as Olga Kharlan the beautiful Ukrainian women.
hazal kaya

8) Selen Soyder

You don’t need to describe the girl, who holds a title of Miss World Turkey 2007. She is not just a beautiful but incredibly talented. She is actress, activist, model and beauty pageant titleholder. Selen has achieved many titles at the very young age, which is just unbelievable.
selen soyder

7) Hande Subaşı

If Long and sexy legs attract you, then Hande is the dream girl for you. She was also the winner of Miss Turkey in 2005.  By any means you are planning to date her then you have to be at least 6 foot tall.
Hande Subaşı

6) Eda Özerkan

She is the happiest person and attractive Turkish girl. If you are following her on Instagram, then you must have noticed that she is smiling in her every single photo. How many of us laugh like her every day? I believe very few.
Eda Özerkan

5) Meryem Uzerli

Meryem is most desirable women in Turkey; her curvy body attracts thousands of young Turks. Moreover, her Turkish accent is charming and you will find her smiling all the time.
Meryem Uzerli

4) Bensu Soral

Only one word for her and that is “Perfect.” She is the actress and appeared in many movies and magazine. If you are planning to date her then drop the idea, She got a boyfriend.
Bensu Soral

3) Mine Tugay

Mine is not only desired by Men, but she is also favorite of women. She has a perfect physique, cute face, curves at the right place, awesome hair and what not.
Mine Tugay

2) Fahriye Evcen

Her flawless hair and perfect body attract thousands of young males. She is one of the most famous Turkish Girl and actress.
Fahriye Evcen

1) Serenay Sarıkaya

We love everything about her, whether it is her beauty, acting or singing. She does it perfectly. She is very adorable, pretty and loved by the majority of Turks.
Serenay Sarıkaya

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