Top 10 Hairstyle to hide big forehead – Raise your style quotient

By | January 27, 2018

Are you having trouble hiding your big forehead? Or thinking about forehead reduction surgery? Well, what if I tell you, there is a way to hide your big clumsy forehead and that too in a stylish way. We will show you top 10 cool hairstyles which will give you a style statement in 2018 and it will hide your forehead too.

Top 10 Hair Style for Big Forehead – Girls

10) Side Fringe

Side fringe will defiantly going to be a style statement in 2018. No matter how big your forehead is, it will give you a stylish look. Front hair will cover your forehead, and remaining hair can be left loose or tied in a bun. It can be the perfect hairstyle for the formal gathering or any event.

emma stone in Side Fringe

09) Feathered curls

If you have a short hair and big forehead than you should defiantly try Featherly Curls. It will give you a cute bubbly look and at the same time, it will cover a front of your head.

Feathered curls

08) Chain length bob with side bangs

Women who love short hairstyle, they should defiantly try Chain length bob with side bangs. Many celebrities are showcasing bob with side bangs and they are hiding their minus point in a stylish way. Rihanna is a perfect example of bob with side bangs.

Chain length bob with side bangs

07) Swept bangs blonde hairstyle for short hair

Girls with a long face can go for this awesome hairstyle. It will cover your long face as well as brow. You can use shiner to give a classy touch.

Swept bangs blonde hairstyle for short hair

06) Soft Waves

If you have a long hair then try side swept parting, which will cover your forehead. You can also give curls at the end to provide a stylish touch.

Soft Waves to hide big forehead

05) Long Bob

Bob cut is an evergreen hairstyle, and lots of celebrities like it. One can go with a long bob and side bangs with smooth waves. It is going to be perfect hairstyle in 2018 to hide your forehead.

Long bob

04) Short Layers

Short layered hair will going to give you a chic look in 2018. This is a timeless hairstyle which will hide your big forehead in an elegantly.

Short Layers of priyanka chopra

03) Side Knot Bun

Side knot bun will hide your big forehead in 2018. It is cute hairstyle which will look good on anyone. One can go with Side knot bun for a formal as well as occasional gathering.

stylish Side Knot Bun to cover big forehead

02) Side fringe with loose hair

if you don’t like tying hair than go for side fringe with loose hair. You can go with long as well as short hair for this style.

Side fringe with loose hair

01) Curly hair with straight bangs

Zooey Deschanel’s hairstyle is perfect to hide a big forehead. Straight hair will cover the forehead while curly hair will give you cute bubbly look. You can carry in a business meeting or on the date with the boyfriend.

cover big forehead with Curly hair and straight bangs it is perfact hairstyle in 2018

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