Meet and Impress Polish women: Date most beautiful polish women

By | August 23, 2017

Polish women are attractive, funny, fashionable, intelligent and sexy.  Their company is enjoyable and she can complete your wildest dream in the bedroom. Poland lies in the central Europe where you can find prettiness of Europe and hotness of western world. So they can cook the best food and can be the sluttiest girl in the world.    Polish women are most beautiful in the world

Facts you should know about Polish Women


Polish girls are highly feminine; she wants to look the best at every moment. She spends a good amount of time of dressing and makeup. Most girls are health conscious and do not avoid fast food. You may also find girls are hitting the gym to look attractive.

Romantic in Nature

Majority of the girls are romantic in nature, due to their traditional upbringing and rich history. She will treat you as a medieval knight who loves her princess like anything. She will love if you surprise her with a dinner date or gifts.

Coolest person

They are the most disciplined and understanding person. She will listen to your every stupid talk and give a proper response. You may not find her rude even you are irritating her.


Poland has high literacy rate and girls are more educated than boys. Women are playing an important role in all sector of Poland. You may find Polish women in Law, politics, science, farming, film industry or in the education sector.  They know the value of education.


Polish Women are playful and highly flirtatious in nature. They know how to dance and impress men. They are a sexy beast who can do the dirty thing in the bed.beautiful Polish women in football ground


How to Impress Polish Women

If you are in love with a polish Girl and want to impress her then you should consider these basic things before asking her. It will give you a basic understanding of culture, likes, and dislikes.

Be gentlemen

Polish Men are True Gentlemen; they respect their women and treat her like a princess. So if you are an outsider then you have to match the quality of Local men. I have seen Polish man opens the door and let her girl goes the first in the car.


Be a good kisser

Kissing on cheeks is a normal custom in Poland. They kiss on cheeks when they meet; it is a kind of warm welcome. But don’t kiss on the first meeting; it may create a wrong impression. BTW you can always give a good bye Kiss and Kiss should be gentle.

Offer a Helping Hand

Don’t hesitate to help her in household work as polish men help her girls. It will create a good impression on your girl. she will feel that you are treating her as a princess, not a house hold ladies.gorgeous polish women in beach volleyball

Be Romantic

Offer a flower or chocolate whenever you meet or going on date. Offering a flower on weddings, birthday and on a date is the normal custom in Poland.

Ask her to order the food

If you are on a date and eating in a restaurant then always ask her, what she wants to eat. You can also order a wine but don’t drink too much. The most important thing doesn’t get drunk and start misbehaving.

Be funny

If a girl is laughing at your jokes then surely she will fall in love with her. Also, don’t make jokes on her or local culture, she may find you rude and arrogant. Rather try to crack a joke, which does not bring culture and herself.

Take Time

Don’t tell on the first meeting that you are in love with her. Spend some quality time with her, take her on a dinner date or in the movie, ask her about her childhood or best moments and listen carefully. Be a good listener and don’t talk about your achievement.

Learn some Polish

If you know basic polish words then it will help you to impress your beautiful polish women. she will think that you are trying hard and respect her country and culture.

Here are some basic words of Polish language.

  • Dzień Dobry – good morning / good afternoon (Jane DOH-brih)
  • Dobry wieczór – good evening (DOH-brih VYEH-choor)
  • Dobranoc – good night (doh-BRAH-notes)
  • Cześć – hi (cheshch)
  • Do widzenia – good bye (doh vee-DZEN-ya)
  • Proszę – please / here you are (PROH-sheh)
  • Dziękuję – thank you (jen-KOO-yeh)
  • Dzięki – thanks (informal) (JEN-kee)
  • Przepraszam – I’m sorry / excuse me (psheh-PRAH-shahm)
  • Tak – yes (tahk)
  • Nie – no / not (nyeh)
  • Nie wiem – I don’t know (nyeh vyem)
  • Jak się masz? – How are you? (informal) (yahk shay mahsh)
  • Nie mówię po polsku. – I don’t speak Polish (nyeh MOO-vyeh poh pohl-skoo)
  • Nie rozumiem – I don’t understand (nyeh roh-ZOO-myem)
  • Na zdrowie! – Cheers! / Bless you! (lit. For health!) (nah ZDROH-vyeh)

young Polish women with blue eyes

Polish women personalities and physical appearance

They are career oriented and highly feminine. They are also a party animal and can flirt while she is on the dance floor. They also like foreign men and there is good chance to get a girl if you are dark or brown skin person.

If we talk about Physical appearance then Polish Women have beautiful blonde hair and gorgeous faces. You may find lots of blue eye girls. Best thing I like about them is cute face with sharp jaw lines and gorgeous hairs.

How to meet sexy Polish Women?

Try online dating website, Tinder is most famous dating app in Poland. Visit local bar or restaurant, you may find lots of young single polish women. You can also visit college bar to get know some young girls.

According to me, thousands of girls are searching young charming man online. if you want a long term relationship and wanted to get married then dating site is good option. If you are looking for short term relationship which ends in a bedroom then night club and bar are the perfect places for you.

Meet and Impress Polish women: Date most beautiful polish women
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Meet and Impress Polish women: Date most beautiful polish women
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