Most Beautiful Italian women – 2018 Ultimate list of Hottest Italian Girls

By | February 16, 2018

Italy is famous for fast cars, exotic food, fashion and breathtaking Italian women. Italian cars are famous all over the world and in the same way All Men desire beautiful Italian Girls. They are hot, voluptuous, curvy, and attractive. They have some fantastic physical features such as brown or dark hair, fair skin, and Amazing figure. The best example of Italian beauty is did you remember Monica Bellucci? She is Italian Actress and defiantly one of the most desirable people on earth. Well, there are many beauties, which is not known to the world and today we will introduce some of the gorgeous and hot Italian woman.

Most Beautiful Italian women

1) Monica Bellucci

Defiantly Monica Bellucci is top on our list. She is actress and model and famous for her hottest movie scene. Her curvy body has made her international fashion symbol.  Monica has appeared in many Hollywood movies and Italian movies. She is charismatic women on our list.
hot Italian women Monica Bellucci

2) Anna Tatangelo

Anna Tatangelo is a singer and actress from Italy. She is striking hot Italian women with attractive physical features. Her jet black hair with brown eyes makes a killer combination.nude Italian women Anna Tatangelo

3) Silvia Mazzieri

We have only one word for Silvia Mazzieri, and that is just gorgeous.  She is adorable and attractive. Her smile is the best thing about her. Moreover, she was awarded Miss Italy Title in 2010.
Silvia Mazzieri most beautiful Italian women

04) Giusy Buscemi

Giusy Buscemi is another beauty pageant winner on our list. She is currently working in Italian movies and one of the hottest actresses of Italy. Giusy is never feeling shy to show her curves and curls.Hot Italian girl Giusy Buscemi

05) Cristina Chiabotto

This 30-year-old Hot Italian woman is Beauty pageant winner, TV presenter, Model, and Showgirl. Cristina is highly desirable and she has a perfect bikini body. Just google it if you don’t believe me.Cristina Chiabotto is sexy Italian Girl

06) Raffaella Fico

Italian Girl looks charming in natural black or brown curls, and Raffaella Fico is one of the hot Italian women. She is a singer, show girl, and model and also worked for various brands. Fico’s picture went viral when she has don’t ramp walk during pregnancy.
Raffaella Fico is most beautiful Italian women

07) Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo is not only famous in Italy but she is famous in the United States too. She won Miss USA 2012 beauty pageant and later won the Miss Universe 2012 title in the same year. Olivia is currently working as Actress, model and Television Italian women olivia culpo

08) Bianca Balti

Bianca Balti is Italian Supermodel and Seductive Italian women ever. Her topless photo shoots are too hot to handle. Binaca is defiantly attractive women of Italy. The best thing about Binaca is her beautiful blue eyes.naked Italian women Bianca Balti

09) Melissa Satta

Did you remember 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, then you must remember a girl who has done a steamy photo shoot in body painting. Yes, she is Melissa Satta a girl with attractive features. She has a perfect bikini body and she never feels shy to show it off. also, visit Beautiful Hungarian Women


Melissa Satta is hot Italian women

10) Claudia Romani

This Italian model appeared on the cover of GQ, Maxim, and voted as 100 beautiful women alive. We have seen hundreds of bikini pictures of Claudia and we never get tired of seeing such a beauty.  Claudia Romani is a sexy Italian women

Most Beautiful Italian women - 2018 Ultimate list of Hottest Italian Girls
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Most Beautiful Italian women - 2018 Ultimate list of Hottest Italian Girls
Check our list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Italian women. The ultimate list of Hottest Italian Girls, Actress, model, and singer.
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