Most Beautiful Armenian Women / List of 2018 (#4 is beautiful)

By | February 19, 2018

Armenian women are known as beautiful in the world. In a recent survey of 44000 American men, a majority of people have voted Armenian Girls as gorgeous and most beautiful. Well, they have every single reason to call them hottest in the world.

Armenian Women are Most Beautiful!

Woman of Armenia has flawless skin, which is a perfect mix of black and blonde. According to many, their skin tone appeals American man. They have dark black hair and brown or black eyes. Apart from that, they are considered as best wives in the world due to their caring nature. They are also smartest, intelligent and business savvy people in the world.

The woman enjoys gender equality from the very beginning in the Republic of Armenia. Women’s have an active presence in politics, entertainment, science and other critical sectors. Today, many woman run business and take care of her home at the same time.

It is not easy to shortlist only ten women from a country like Armenia. After hours of brainstorming, We have created a list of top 10 beautiful Armenian women. Check out this lovely ladies and let us know which is the best girl?

Gohar Harutyunyan

Gohar is the real example of beauty with brain. She was born in Armenia. She is fitness and yoga enthusiastic, moreover, she is a big football fan. Gohar has raised the bar of the beauty pageant competition. Gohar was Miss Armenia in 1988, and Miss Commonwealth in 1999. In 2009 she won the title of Mrs. Globe. She is the first Armenian woman, who has won the title of Mrs. Globe. Gohar is defiantly one of the most beautiful Armenian women.

Gohar Harutyunyan beautiful Armenian women


Sirusho is a beautiful and most recognized singer. We can forget her name on the list when we are making a list of Armenian beauty. At the age of 9, she got her first award for the song “Lusabats”. Sirusho is the first Armenian, who got nominated twice for world music awards for her song “pregomesh”. She was an active singer for more than 20 years. Recently She has released her handcrafted jewelry line of the latest fashion trends.

sirusho beautiful Armenian women

Peggy Garabekian  

Peggy Garabekian has got all traits of real Armenian. Thousands of youngster are crazy for her long dark hair, big black eyes and flawless skin. She is the first choice for many Armenian men. She is also the winner of Miss Asia USA.

Peggy Garabekian beautiful Armenian women

Lilit Martirosyan

Lilit is the goddess of lean body, curly hair, and beautiful skin, Lilit Martirosyan is yet another beauty, who can be your dream girl. Her charm can make you restless, and her eyes are capable of killing any man on this earth. She was Miss Earth Armenia 2015, and she is the supermodel.
Lilit Martirosyan beautiful Armenian women

Alice Panikian

Alice is hottest TV journalist, Model and TV host of Canada. She is the winner of Miss Universe Canada 2016. If you want to take her on the romantic date and you are not above 6ft 1in. (1.85mtr) Then you should not try, as she is tallest Miss Universe in the History of Canada. She is not only beautiful women but she also smart as hell.Alice Panikian beautiful Armenian women
Tamar Kaprelian

Tamar is an Armenian-American singer on our list of beautiful Armenian women; she is talented and gorgeous. She has sung some of the most beautiful track in American history. Not only her voice is melodies, but her looks are also the hottest thing you ever see.   Tamar Mardirossian beautiful Armenian women

Maria Nalbandian

Maria is Armenian beauty icon, she had completed her business marketing and followed her passion, which is singing. She is the biggest pop star in Lebanon and considered as the golden voice of Middle East. She is also the winner of Miss Bikini Asia 2002 at the age of 17.

Check out beautiful Asian Women
Maria Nalbandian beautiful Armenian women

Tulip got her goddess-like look from her mother, who is lovely Armenian woman. Joshi is successful Indian Movie actress (Bollywood). She is the desire of every young Indian male. Joshi holds a good command over the local language of India.  If we don’t tell you that she is 37 years old, there is no way that you can determine her age from her looks.
Tulip Joshi beautiful Armenian women

Vardanush Martirosyan

Vardanush or Varda is the famous Ukrainian-Armenian dancer. She got it all what men’s are looking for, a curvy body, black hair, big eyes and excellent dancing skills. Varda is the hottest dancer and beautiful Armenian women.  If you have ever watched her dance, you will always remember her passionate dance moves.
Vardanush Martirosyan beautiful Armenian women

Iveta Mukuchyan

Iveta is Actress, Model, Singer, songwriter and what not. She was named as Iconic Armenian women by “E-Style Magazine”. Just like her good looks, she is a melodious singer. In 2016, she took part in Eurovision 2016 and got 7th place in final.
Iveta Mukuchyan beautiful Armenian women


It is just a small list of beautiful Armenian women, Do visit our website; we will update this list on time to time basis.

Top 10 Beautiful Armenian women

  1. Gohar Harutyunyan
  2. Sirusho
  3. Peggy Garabekian
  4. Lilit Martirosyan
  5. Alice Panikian
  6. Tamar Kaprelian
  7. Maria Nalbandian
  9. Vardanush Martirosyan
  10. Iveta Mukuchyan


Where to find single Armenian women?

Don’t know where to find single Armenian Cheeks? Well, check out these options to find single girls.

Online dating website: There are many online dating websites where you can find single woman. These sites are mostly paid so choose wisely. You can also go with tinder, but it is not that popular in the country.

Pubs and bars: It is good option to spot beautiful ladies. Finding single woman in the bar is a little bit tricky. But try your luck to get the glimpse of single beauties.

Marriage Beuro: It is the best option if you are serious about your marriage. You can easily get the names of girls who are looking for a groom, and on the top of that, you will get details of the girl and her background.

Local Festivals: There are lots of festivals celebrated by locals. You will spot many lovely women. Take part in it and introduce yourself, don’t be afraid to ask for the date or contact number.

Myths about Armenian Girls

1) You will get laid easily

Armenian Girls are hot, but that doesn’t mean you can get her in bed. Girls are very traditional, and it might happen that you have to wait to get laid until you are not married. If your aim is to get laid then Armenia is not a place for you.

2) She must be dominant in relationship

We all know that Armenian woman is a little bit spoiled, but that doesn’t mean they are dominant. Infect they are submissive, and she will do everything to please her partner.

3) Armenian is Asian

Geographically Armenia is in the south of Asia, but Armenian People are Caucasians. They have features of Asian and Caucasians. So, in short, they have the high quality of both the race.

4) She is waiting for marriage

If you are thinking that she is waiting for American for marriage, then you are living in a dream world. In fact, American and European have to work hard to get an Armenian girl for the wedding.

Armenian Women Body Shape & Types

Armenians are naturally curvy, and their body shape is very famous among the American Men (Kim Kardashian is the biggest example). These attractive girls have big beautiful eyes and dark-brown hair. They are naturally tall, curvy and extremely good looking. You can call her attractive, but you cannot ignore her elegance.  Girls have a natural, flawless skin and cute good looking face, which is their biggest property.  They look good in traditional Armenian dress as well as western dress due to their curvy body shape.

Why are Armenians so beautiful?

They have some attractive body features which make them attractive. It’s all in their genes, they have a natural figure. Most of the girls have dark hair and fair skin. The shape of the face is attractive and they have natural big booty without exercise which adds to the attractiveness. Girls from India, Iran are defiantly good looking but they don’t have a physical shape like these girls. So in simple words, Armenian Women are beautiful due to their superior genes.

Most Beautiful Armenian Women / List of 2018 (#4 is beautiful)
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Most Beautiful Armenian Women / List of 2018 (#4 is beautiful)
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    All points are true… my wife is from Armenia and she has same nature and features what you have mentioned here. This is must read guide for those who wanted to date Armenian girl.

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    Armenia has a rich heritage culture and I love nightlife there. they have some exotic clubs and their girls are the best dancers with their big beautiful ass.

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    The secret of us- Armenian women- is in our genes.

    We mostly make couples within our Nation, but…..sometimes it is inevitable, love is unpredictable.


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