Top 10 Beautiful Lebanese Women in the world. (#4 is beautiful)

By | January 4, 2018

Lebanese women are admired for unparallel beauty. Lebanese girls are good looking than any Middle Eastern women. If we talk about their physical appearance, then they have gorgeous dark hair, beautiful fair skin, and a perfect figure. The obesity rate is low in Lebanon, as girls are health conscious and they don’t like getting fat. Lebanese girls are also a winner of prestigious beauty pageants such as Miss Universe, Miss World, and other Miss Intercontinental.

Why Lebanese Women are so beautiful?

This is a common question by the western men and women. We all know that Lebanese women are most beautiful in the world and there is a reason why they are beautiful. Check out some facts about her beauty.


Beautiful fair skin, appealing eyes with dark hair is a killer combination. Lebanese girls hit the gym daily to maintain her figure.


Lebanese girls aware of their beauty and she knows what to wear. She knows what to wear and what will look best according to a situation.


Beauty will fade eventually but smartness last forever. Life in Lebanon is complicated in comparison to western countries.  Lebanese women don’t like to sit ideal and live on partner’s money; she works for herself and family.

Top 10 Beautiful Lebanese women

We have listed out top 10 most beautiful face of Lebanon. Some are the singer, actress, sportswomen, business person or model. Let us know which your favorite girl is.

10) Jessica Kahawaty

It is hard to describe her in a single line. She is lawyer, TV Host, beauty queen, model, charity worker, and host of Yahoo Maktoob’s new entertainment shows, ‘omg! NOW’ and ‘omg! NUJOOM’.Jessica Kahawaty is beautiful Lebanese Women

09) Dominique Hourani

Perfect figure and seductive eyes, Dominique Hourani, is the actress, top model and beauty queen of Lebanon.

Dominique Hourani is beautiful Lebanese girl

08) Lamitta Frangieh

Every girl will die to have a beautiful hair like her. Lamitta is actress, model and beauty queen.


07) Anabella Hilal

This Lebanese Model can speak Arabic, English, and French fluently and it is the reason that Anabella hilal is best tv personality in Lebanon. Apart from that, her eyes are gorgeous.

Annabella Hilal

06) Saly Greige

From engineering to modeling and winner of Miss Lebanon 2014, Saly greige is a perfect example of beauty with a brain.

Sally Greige

05) Rina Chibany

Luscious hair and sharp jawlines, Rina is beautiful Lebanese women. She won a title of Miss Lebanon in 2012.

Rina Chibany

04) Valerie Abou Chacra

She is the first Lebanese girl to place in top 4 in the Miss World competition. Her smoky eyes and beautiful smile are an enough to fall for her.

Valerie Abou Chacra

03) Amar Al Tahsh

Naroh Btehreny song fame, Amar Al Tahsh is a famous singer and beautiful Lebanese girl. Her songs are liked by millions of people in Lebanon.

Amar Al Tahsh

02) Barbara Turbay

Barbara is a bubbly, happy go, lucky person. She is a fitness freak and visits gym regularly.

Barbara Turbay

01) Cyrine Abdel Nour

Cyrine is a successful model, singer, and actress. She is often referred as most beautiful Lebanese women in the world.

Cyrine Abdel Nour

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