Top 12 Beautiful Hungarian Women & Dating Tips – List of 2018

By | January 16, 2018

Let me tell you, you are already impressed by Hungarian women, and that is the reason you are searching for beautiful Hungarian girls. It is well-known fact that Hungarian Females are prettiest in the world. They are smart, intelligent and they can be the best bride in the world.

Hungarian populations have mix genes of many races, and because of that, you will find various beauty standards. Hungarian beauties have black or blonde hair, fair skin with sharp jawlines. Women in Hungary are feminine; they love to dress and look good. Apart from that girls are hardworking and self-independent. If you are looking for a Hungarian girlfriend, then you should check personality traits and dating tips.

Dating Tips, site and Personality Traits

Locals are using various dating sites to find a good match. If you are the outsider and looking for a girl to date, then try local dating portal or use tinder. You can also visit the pub to find a good girl.

If we talk about Hungarian dating culture, then girls are quite old-fashioned. They love if you give flowers and chocolates. Women’s are loyal to their partner, and they expect the same thing from you. Short term relations ships are hard to find as most girls are looking for long-term relationship.

Don’t take Hungarian girls taken for granted as girls are highly educated in Hungary. You will get the respect of girl if you treat her nicely. If you are still not aware of looks of girls, then you should check out our list of Top 12 most Beautiful Hungarian Women.

Beautiful Hungarian Women

12) Diána Mészáros

It appeared for Vogue and model of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Diána Mészáros is glamorous Hungarian Model on our list. She is tall, beautiful and blonde.glamorous Hungarian Model Diána Mészáros

11) Аnnamaria Rakosi

Winner of Miss World Hungary 2013, Аnnamaria Rakosi is a girl with perfection. She has a gorgeous hair and smiling face.Аnnamaria Rakosi is a Hungarian Women

10) Ágnes Konkoly

Agnes is Model, Entrepreneur, wedding planner and beauty pageant titleholder. She is the face of leading brands and appeared on many magazine covers.Ágnes Konkoly

09) Babinyecz Timi

Babinyecz Timi is beautiful Hungarian women and winner of Miss Universe Hungary 2010. She has the amazing smile and gorgeous black hair.Babinyecz Timi

08) Edina Kulcsár

Winner of Miss World Hungary 2014, Edina is a model, actress, and beauty queen. She is active in social media and regularly posts her beautiful pictures.Edina Kulcsár

07) Annelies Törös

Annelies is a Hungarian origin Belgian actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder and winner of Miss Belgium in 2015.Annelies Törös

06) Zita Görög

Zita is famous Hungarian model & actress; she is renowned for her role in movie underworld.Zita Görög

05) Éva Dobár

Olympic swimmer and face of women, she is a beautiful woman of Hungary. She looks drop dead gorgeous in her every picture.Éva Dobár

04)Ágnes Dobó

She is a model and gorgeous diva of Hungary. She is also the winner of beauty pageant title.Ágnes Dobó

03) Enikő Mihalik

Eniko is the face of many leading brands in the world. She is the most beautiful face of Hungary.Enikő Mihalik

02) Vanessa Axente

Vanessa Axente is a gorgeous diva and beautiful Hungarian model on our list. She is tall, fair and beautiful.Vanessa Axente

01) Barbara Palvin

Barbara Palvin is a shining Diva of Hungary.  She is named as Rookie of the Year in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Barbara Palvin has also worked in Hollywood Movies.Barbara Palvin

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