10 Reason not to marry Indian Women – Read it or Regret later

By | February 17, 2018

Indian Women

India is the nation of youngsters. If we talk about population, then India has more than 1.2 billion people, and out of it, 48% are women. If you are Indian men or seeking Indian women to marry her, then you should read our ten reasons not to marry Indian Women.

10) She is more beautiful than you

Yes! Indian Woman is gorgeous. She will look stunning, whether she wears her traditional saree or trendy outfit. With that bindi on his forehead and eyes with jet black kajal, she will defiantly distract you.
Indian womne will be better looking than you


9) Career-oriented

Those days were gone my friend when Indian Girls has the only single goal, and that get married and settle down. In the 21st century, India has one of the highest rates of working women and guess what they also work after marriage and kids. Moreover, It might happen that she is earning just as much as you or more than you.

working women

8) She loves her freedom

The population of Educated girls is increasing rapidly, and with that, they are becoming more career oriented. They can take care of their salves as well as they can take care of you too. . Now if you are looking at Indian girl who will do household work and obey everything then my friend you are in wrong place.

she loves her freedon

7) She is wonder women

Yup, you have read it right. She can handle as well her home without hampering anything. Even after that she will not rest and look after her kids and his studies.

wonder women

6) Stronger then you

I am not talking about muscle power or lifting weights. In this male dominant society, Indian women have made a strong presence in every area. Even a simple homemaker will give strong emotional support to her husband and family. And the best thing is you will find her by your side when you are in trouble.

stronger then you

5) She loves her family

It may happen that after marriage, your family started loving her more than you.  She will know likes and dislikes of every family member, and she perfectly knows how to handle every tricky situation. You should also know that In India Girls are considered as Bond of two families.


4) She loves to cook

Indian Ladies are a fantastic cook, whether it is continental, Mexican, Punjabi, or Indian dishes.

indian food

3) Love for the Gold

Love for gold is widely known. It is believed that Indian women have gold more than rest of the world. That does not mean she is gold crazy; she will be the first to give up her gold when her family is in the terrible financial situation.


2) She can save more money than you.

When it comes to bargaining, then no one can beat Indian Girls. She can get the dress in latest fashion even at 200 bucks. If you want the best product at the lowest price, then take your Indian friend with you, and your pocket will not lose weight.


1) She is amazing lover

If you are dating an Indian girl, then that can be the best thing happen to your life. She will love you selflessly and unconditionally. She will put her everything behind just to marry you, and even she will drop her surname.


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  1. ruya singh

    your all points are granted. you make wonderful list

  2. rajesh patel

    this is one of the best list for to marry Indian Women.

  3. joanathan smith

    Outstanding post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Kudos!

  4. Matthew Price

    im good with this, would love to have an strong, independent indian woman as a wife.


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