Armenian women who changed the world

By | May 4, 2017

Women holds a significant place in every society, they have contributed a lot to this world. Well in this article, I want to introduce some of the most famous and strongest Armenian women. These women are actively participating in all spheres of life such as entertainment, politics and other fields. Check out our list and let us know your views. If you think we have missed someone then do comment below, we will update our Article.

Armenian Women’s – Smart, Strong and Beautiful 

It is proved in survey that Armenian women are most beautiful in the world and we take a great pride. Well it is half truth; they are not just a pretty face. Armenian Girls has achieved pinnacle in every field of life, whether it is politics, literature or entertainment. They are holding the apex place in every field and it proves her talent, smartness and power to compete in male dominated society.

Let’s check out our list of some of the most famous women of Armenia.  

  1. Zabel Yesayan

Zabel Yesayan was notable Armenian writer, poet, gifted novelist and professor of literature. She had published her first short story in a literary magazine at the age of 17. Zable is famous for her work on poems, articles, short stories and essays in French and Armenian. She is famous for Adana Massacres, The Gardens of Silihdar” and Among the Ruins.
zabel yesayan


Anita Conti

Anita Conti was famous French Explorer and photographer. She had developed her passion for books and sea at early age. Anita won different award and prize for writing poems and art books. She was full of life person and she has spent numerous hours on fishing boat to study what problems are faced by fisher men. Her work on fishing technique was very impressive in those days. Anita was also famous photographer and her several clicks are popular today too.    Anita conti


Sian Elias

Dame Sian Seerpoohi Elias is a 12th and current chief justice of New Zealand; she was born in London and currently most senior judiciary member of New Zealand government. She is the first women in New Zealand who has appointed as chief justice. Elias is also takes active participation in politics, law and women empowerment.
Sian Elias

Carla Garapedian

Carla is notable Armenian women in the field of movies and arts. She has filmed some of greatest documentaries which includes “Cooking the Books”, “Secret Genocide”, “Screamers”. Carla is very active in humanitarian work and she is works for human rights. She was awarded with Aurora Prize for her humanitarian projects.Carla Garapedian


Anna Der-Vartanian

As we have told earlier Armenian women are not only beautiful but they are smart and strong. Anna der-vartanian is one such name of smartness and strong will. She is the first female Master Chief Petty Officer in the history of United States Navy. If you don’t know who is Master Chief Petty Officer then in simple words it is a highest position in US Navy.  She has also served in CIA and visited number of nations for her work.Anna Der-Vartanian


Gohar Gasparyan

Gohar Gasparyan was known as “Armenian nightingale”. She was the most famous opera singer of Armenia. She has performed in 23 opera during her career.Gohar Gasparyan


Zaruhi Postanjyan

Zaruhi Postanjyan is famous Armenian women politician and Armenian Member of Parliament. She is public activist and work for betterment of Armenia. Postanjyan is the head of “Heritage” fraction of National Assembly of Armenia.

zaruhi postanjyan



she is known as goddess of pop in America, she has made her name in male dominant industry. Her song I got you Babe was ranked first in British and American charts. She was also counted as fashion icon. Just like many other successful Armenian women, she is also working for human rights, anti-poverty initiatives, veteran’s rights, and vulnerable childrencher


Arpine Hovhannisyan

Arpine is Minister of Justice, Politician and lawyer. As we believe strongly that Armenian women is not just a pretty face but smart beauty too. Arpine is  most beautiful politician in the world and  youngest chief justice in Armenia and  world. She also encourage women to join politics as she strongly believes women of Armenia should come forward and take active participation in politics

Arpine Hovhannisyan


Nazik Avdalyan

Nazik is an Armenian weightlifter and gold medal winner in World weight lifting champion ship. She became the first women of Armenia when she won gold medal in lifting champion ship. Moreover she was winner of the best Armenian sportswoman in survey. She is perfect example of power and brain.
Nazik Avdalyan


Susianna Kentikian

Susianna is professional boxer and two time flyweight champion. She is holding WBA title since 2013 and WIBF title since 2015. She has knocked out her rival 16 times.

susi kentikian

Anita Sarkeesian

Anita Sarkeesian is Canadian-American with roots of Armenian Family.  She is famous feminist media critic, blogger, and public speaker. Anita has created a YouTube video series Tropes vs. Women in Video Games. She got wide spread attention for the series and also triggered a wave of sexist harassment. Anita has not stopped her work due to wide spread criticism, she is women of enormous will power.

Anita Sarkeesian

Again this is just a small list of so many beautiful, smart, strong and gorgeous Armenian women. keep visiting our site to get to know more about Armenian beauty.

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    Sona Ghazarian, famous lyric coloratura soprano from Lebanon is also of Armenian origin.


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